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Hardwood Floor Wood Species

Are you thinking of giving your floor a makeover? Make sure it matches your taste. Wood has a charming appeal that has made it a favorite for floors from time immemorial. With a wooden floor, you can never go wrong. But you need to know about hardwood floor wood species to decide which will be the most suitable for your home.

Red Oak
This is one of the most popular domestic wood species having moderate to heavy graining. There are slight color variations from light creamy reddish pinks to shades of brown. The pinkish undertones separate it from the White Oak.

White Oak
This is also a domestic flooring favorite but a little harder than Red Oak. The natural color of White Oak is golden brown with gray undertones. This variety of hardwood provides great stability to the floors giving it an old-fashioned elegance.

American Cherry
Although this is a much softer wood than many other hardwood floor wood species, it has an unmatched graceful graining and color. It exudes warmth with its natural color, which darkens with age to a deep reddish brown color.

American Walnut
This is also a soft wood that scratches and dents easily but a favorite among homeowners for the rich chocolate brown shade, which lends warmth to the rooms. There can be color variations from light-tan to medium-brown showing knots and other grain variations.

Birch can be of two varieties – the Yellow Birch and the Red Birch. Red Birch is the heartwood stock of the birch tree which has some red undertones in the golden brown color. Yellow Birch refers to the sapwood of the birch tree which is creamy white in color with some yellow undertones. Birch has a fine uniform curl and graining.

Hard Maple
This is a pale creamy white wood with a few to a lot of brownish or blackish mineral streaks. Maple wood is a very hard variety of wood and does not stain evenly on an unfinished jobsite refinishing.  Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a pre-stained pre-finished maple floor.

This is one of the hardest domestic wood species which is popular for its natural color variations from creamy whites to medium browns. This is best displayed in wider planks where the unique and interesting graining can be properly displayed.

At California Hardwood Floor, we have a range of hardwood floor wood species for you to choose from. Contact us today to get the best hardwood flooring solutions for your home.

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