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Wood Floor Certifications Held by California Hardwood Floors

Wood furniture and furnishings make any room look elegant and attractive. However, wood is sourced from trees, and clear cutting forests is not good for the environment. In order to strike a balance between ecological health and the demand for wood, the government has set up certain regulations.
Companies that follow environmentally friendly norms while dealing with hardwood flooring in Orange country are certified by the governing agencies. Different certifications are offered based on different parameters. So, when you buy wood flooring, furniture or furnishing, check for these certifications and buy from a company that adheres to the norms.

FSC Certification

FSC has laid down a set of rules to ensure that wood products are sourced from forests that are well managed, and won’t suffer harshly by the felling of trees. Such forests are specially managed to lend environmental, social and economic benefits while maintaining ecological balance. FSC certification is given to companies that source wood from such forests.

CARB Compliance

CARB is an acronym for California Air Resources Board. It applies to companies that maintain their own fleet for transporting goods from manufacturing facilities to their stores. CARB provides guidelines to ensure that the vehicles use emission systems that cause reduced pollution. A company that is certified by CARB keeps its fleet eco-friendly and takes measures to reduce the carbon emissions of its fleet.

LEED/Green Products

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a system of ratings developed by the United States Green Building Council. It provides a rating system for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of eco-friendly commercial and residential developments. LEEDS Certification is offered to buildings that meet various environmental criteria.


The LACY Act of 1900, more popularly known as simply LACY Act, is a law that was brought into force to protect wildlife in the country. It is essentially a conservation law that prohibits the trade of plants, wildlife and fish obtained, purchased, transported or possessed illegally. The LACY Act protects both flora and fauna of the country. Over the years, the law has been changed several times but is still active.

When you buy hardwood flooring in Los Angeles and Orange counties, make sure that you check for these certifications. By buying from companies that are recognized as being eco-friendly, you can play a major role in protecting the environment and making the country a better place to live in.

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