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A Guide to Preventing
Seasonal Gapping

Wood floors look beautiful and elegant. That is why, despite other cheaper options, they remain all-time favorites with home owners.  But one of the unique things with wood floors is the gaps that occur with the change seasons. We, at California Hardwood Floors, Inc. have been installers of hardwood flooring of repute with years of experience. Follow our guide to avoid any disappointment arising out of seasonal gapping.

Why Does Gapping Occur?
Gapping is a seasonal phenomenon that occurs as a result of varying moisture levels in the air. Wood has a natural tendency to expand when there is higher humidity in the air. It again contracts naturally when the humidity reduces.
So how do you solve the problem? Here are some suggestions.

Engineered Hardwood Floor
Engineered or treated hardwood flooring undergoes minimal expansion and contraction due to changes in the moisture level. Always consult a renowned hardwood flooring expert for help with choosing wood that’s most suited for local weather conditions.

The most effective way to help minimize seasonal gapping for your hardwood flooring is to install a humidifier/dehumidifier to help keep the humidity level inside your home within the recommended level of 35% to 55%.
We suggest that you contact a licensed HVAC contractor to incorporate that into your system . These systems might be a little more expensive than others, but it will be worth every bit of your investment.

Even if you don't have a system installed, it makes sense to get your windows checked for any gaps because your system won’t work effectively if moisture keeps entering from outside through slits in windows.

Emergency Fix
But what if you have guests coming in the evening and you wake up in the morning to find small spots of opening due to contraction? You need an instant solution. Keep a color coordinated touch-up pen or fillers handy. These will be your emergency helpers before you can get professional assistance.

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