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Prefinished Wood Floors – Oil Finish Vs Aluminum Oxide 

Finishing treatments for hardwood floors are a great way to help protect them from staining, scratches and discoloration. And there are quite a few ways to do this. Prefinished wood floors come highly recommended though. Here’s a look at two most commonly employed methods to preserve and prefinish hardwood floors.  

Oil Finish 

You must have often heard that oil finish gives the floor the most natural appearance. Oil finishes penetrate the surface and do not hamper the natural appearance of the hardwood. They don’t leave behind a highly-glossy appearance; instead they add to its natural aesthetics. That being said, they do offer comparatively less protection to the surface than an aluminum oxide finish.  

Urethane or Aluminum Oxide Finish 

If you are going with durability over aesthetics, urethane or aluminum oxide finish is your best bet. In fact, aluminum oxide prefinished wood floors are the most preferred installations today.  They are highly scratch resistant and resilient. But they have a downside too. Maintaining and restoring these floors can be more time consuming, and you will need professional help. 

Oil Finish Vs Aluminum Oxide

If you are wondering which way to go, the simplest option would be to look at the flexibility in repair and maintenance. Both types of finishes have their pros and cons, but it boils down to your use and maintenance. 

When you are walking on an oil-finish floor, there is no thin film protecting the surface like with an aluminum oxide finish. But any minor or even some major damages and scratches can be easily buffed and blended away. It can be self maintained.  

An aluminum oxide definitely needs more work when you want to repair or rebuff. You will have to move your furniture and empty the room entirely to apply an even fresh coat. On the plus side, they are more resilient to stains than oil finish floors.  

On the other hand, any such minor maintenance damages to oil finished floors can be rectified with a simple DIY coat

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