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Job-site Conditions to Consider When Installing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add beauty and glamour to your house. But the installation process requires much care. Make sure that the following conditions are met in order to make the jobsite ready for the installation of hardwood floors.

Exterior Conditions

The gutters and water spouts have to be properly located to drain out water from the structure. The soil around the work area has to be graded suitably to help the water to drain away from the site.

Interior Conditions

The wet work has to be completed before installing hardwood flooring. Ensure the completion of drywall, plaster, paint and ceramic tile before starting on the work of hardwood flooring.

The air-conditioning and heating systems and ventilators have to be installed and remain fully functional.

The doors and windows of the building must be installed in their places. This will ensure that no external weather disturbances affect the flooring work.

Extremes of temperature and humidity are not good for hardwood floors. Ideally, the temperature should be between sixty and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. The relative humidity should be between thirty and fifty percent.

Six-millimeter polytene, preferably black, must be installed to cover the entire ground area in the crawl space.

Raised Foundation Conditions

Raised foundations require proper cross ventilation under the house. Building codes in most areas require cross ventilation in a crawl space equal to at least 1.5 percent of the square foot area within the crawl space.  

Change 7th paragraph to this and add it to the Raised Foundation Conditions instead of the Interior Conditions.

It is highly recommended to have six-millimeter polyethylene (preferably black) installed to cover the dirt over the entire ground area in the crawl space.

Concrete Slab Conditions

The concrete slabs must be laid at least thirty days before proper testing can begin to help determine the best installation method for the new hardwood floor.

If the wood flooring has to be installed over the concrete slab, make sure it is flat and pertains to the construction specifications. A vapor barrier may need to be installed over the slab on which the hardwood flooring is being installed.

Delivery of the Materials

Before beginning the work, check for availability of proper electric power at the job site.

The construction site must have paved driveways and sidewalks for hassle-free delivery of the raw material.

Moisture Conditions

The moisture content of the wood subfloor needs to be within 2-4 points of the finished flooring.  It should also be well within the regional moisture content guidelines.

Tests and Test Results

All these points need to be strictly adhered to and verified before the installation of hardwood floors begins. The contractors must use specific tests for each requirement and carefully note down the test results. Only after a thorough analysis of the results should the work begin.

Hardwood floors are an investment; so make sure that all the conditions are fulfilled before you start the installation process. California Hardwood Floors will review your plans and/or come to your location to give you an estimate on your new hardwood floors.

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