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Janka Wood Floor Rating

Are you confused about the choice of the wood flooring in your house? Is it difficult for you to understand which wood will be perfect for your home floor? The test of hardness of any variety of wood lies in its Janka rating. The Janka hardness rating is the most popular benchmark that helps you to make a choice of the variety of wood that you are going to use for your floor.

What is Janka Hardness Rating?
The Janka hardness rating was invented by Gabriel Janka, an Austrian wood researcher, in the year 1906. It was standardized in 1927 by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) in 1927.

This scale demonstrates the results of the Janka hardness test where a 2”x2”x6” piece of wood and a 0.444” steel ball were taken to measure the hardness of the wood. The aim of the test was to find out how many PSI or pounds per square inch of force would be required to push the ball halfway into the piece wood.

The Janka scale helps you to understand how hard and scratch resistant a variety of wood is.  This scale gives a very good indication of the ability of any wood variety to denting and wearing.

How to Identify?
The Janka scale starts at 660 with the softest wood, Douglas Fir at the bottom of the list and the hardest, Brazilian Walnut at the top with a rating of 3680.  None of these variants are good for a floor because one will be too soft and the other too hard to saw.

At California Hardwood Floors, we have years of experience of working with a variety of wood flooring materials. Although this is not the only criteria for choosing wood flooring, this scale is extremely useful while making a choice of the wood in terms of its durability and resistance.

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