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How Do I Keep My Floors Looking New?

Hardwood floors exude a rare combination of elegance and beauty. It’s very important that you give your hardwood flooring that little extra care to make them look as good as new even after years of wear and tear. Hardwood floor maintenance is really very simple, if you know how to do it the right way. Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your floors looking new and bright for years to come.

Some Basic Home Rules

The best way to keep your wooden floors looking as good as new, is by keeping it clean. Ensure that no external dirt or moisture enters your home riding on the shoes worn outside. Assign a removal area for shoes, especially during the wet and snowing weather, so that the hardwood flooring of your home is least affected.

Keep rugs at every door and entry point so that the dust entering your home is minimized. If there are kids at home, teach them not to drag their toys or bags over the floor because abrasion is a bitter enemy of wooden floors.

Protect your floors by putting protective pads beneath the legs of furniture pieces to reduce scratches.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is absolutely essential if you want your floor to look new and bright. Remove dust and dirt from the floors regularly, especially from the areas between the floor boards.

A wet mop is never a very good idea when it comes to cleaning hardwood floor because it tends to wipe off the finish with repeated usage, making your floors look dull and tired. Use a soft, dry cloth instead.

Remove any food spills immediately to avoid permanent stains or damage to your floor.

Right Maintenance Products

Use the right maintenance products for your hardwood flooring. At California Hardwood Floors, we have a choice of fine floor care products for you. Bona Spray removes spots, rubber heel marks and spills from urethane finished floors.   We carry the cleaner and oil for the oil finished floors as well.

Misty Dust Mop Treatment picks up lint and dust from floors. EZ Glides are protective pads for underneath furniture. Shine Mop is a multi-purpose, non-snagging swivel mop with removable, machine-wash terry cloth cover.

At California Hardwood Floors, we not only sell and install all types of hardwood floors but repair and refinish them, too. Feel free to contact us at (562)433-6741 if you need any expert advice on the maintenance of your precious hardwood flooring.

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