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Maintaining Hardwood Floors is a Walk in the Park

Hardwood is one of the most elegant flooring options. It looks suave and classy. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to maintain hardwood floors. All you need is a bit of patience and some knowledge about how to clean these beautiful floors.

Let’s compare hardwood with another very common flooring material – carpets. Carpets require thorough vacuuming and steam cleaning for removing deeper stains. Furthermore, the fibers trap pollutants and gradually wear out. In comparison, hardwood does not need such intense deep cleaning procedures. In fact, dirt does not stick to hardwood as much as it sticks to carpets. So, maintaining it is much easier. Believe it or not your carpet is dirtier than your toilette seat. About 200,000 bacteria live in each square inch of your carpet, which is nearly 700 times more than what’s on the average commode.

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Immediate Care is the Easiest Care

The best way to keep hardwood floors clean is to wipe spills immediately. Use a soft wet cloth to get the stain off so that the mark does not sink deeper into the floor. When you vacuum or mop the floor, use a brush or felt head (harsh bristles can cause minor scratches on the floor). If you have pets, keep their nails tripped to avoid scratches. Placing soft cork or rubber bits under the legs of furniture prevents scratches as well.

To make maintenance easier, prevent dirt and moisture from falling on to the hardwood floor. The easiest way is to place exterior and interior doormats, especially near the doors, in kitchens and areas that experience the highest movement in the house.

Excess moisture can prove dangerous for hardwood because it causes rotting. Place mats and rugs made of light and soft breathable fabrics, as they allow air circulation and prevent moisture from being trapped in the fibers.

Hard deposits such as chewing gum and candle wax can damage the floor if you try to scrap them off using sharp objects. Instead, place a sealed ice-filled plastic cover on top of the deposit. As it cools, it crumbles off the hardwood floor.

Stubborn stains can be difficult to clean. However, if you use appropriate products and follow the precise cleaning process, you can clean them effectively and easily. Use products specially meant for hardwood care to enhance the life of the floor besides keeping it clean.

The quality of hardwood also determines the ease of maintenance. High quality hardwood is easier to maintain because it is hard and strong. Contact California Hardwood Floors for high quality hardwood in Orange Country. Call 562-433-6741 for a no-obligation quote.

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