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The Green House Effect on Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring is a favorite among home owners for its beauty, elegance and durability. Wood floors are easy to maintain and can give you the perfect floor for years. So, it is little wonder that wood floors add to your property value and make it a great inclusion for your house. Although, wood floors are easy to maintain, the greenhouse effect on the wood floors can be harmful.

Causes of the Greenhouse Effect

If your house remains closed for a considerable period of time, the air flow inside the house becomes limited. When sunlight enters through the glass panes and generates heat inside the house, it results in condensation and humidity build up. This results in a swelling of the wood floor. Once you return to your house and start running the air-conditioning and heating, the wood floor starts shrinking due to the effect of the change in temperature and humidity, but may already be damaged beyond repair.

Symptoms to Look Out For

If you have wood flooring there will be a certain amount of shrinkage or swelling since this is a natural element that responds to sunlight, warmth and humidity in varying measures.
But when your floor has been afflicted by the greenhouse effect, there will be an abnormal shrinkage or swelling. This will cause undulations and unevenness to your floor surface.
However, seasonal gapping is normal.

Avoiding the Greenhouse Effect

For wood floors to remain trouble free, the temperature must remain between 60°-80° and the relative humidity between 30%-50%.  We highly recommend a humidity reader to homeowners so they can monitor and keep track of the conditions in their home.  Depending on the readings,  some homes may require a humidifier or a dehumidifier.  Temperature and humidity levels must be maintained at all times even when you are on vacation.

We, at California Hardwood Floors, provide help and assistance for any kind of hardwood flooring problems. If you feel that the wood floors have been damaged from the greenhouse effect, we can provide you with an estimate to repair or replace them.

We realize the worth of your hardwood floors and make every effort to preserve it in the best way possible. So, follow our simple and easy methods of floor maintenance and contact us for any expert advice for your wood floors.

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