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We created the Calfornia Hardwood Floor Blog so that we can share our expertise on hardwood flooring. We encourage you to browse the articles below to learn more about the benefits of hardwood floors, how to care for your hardwood floors, when it's time to refinish your hardwood and more. We will be adding articles periodically so please check back with us in the future for more information.

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A Guide to Preventing Seasonal Gapping

Wood floors look beautiful and elegant. That is why, despite other cheaper options, they remain all-time favorites with home owners. But one of the unique things with wood floors is the gaps that occur with the change seasons. We, at California Hardwood Floors, Inc. have been installers of hardwood flooring of repute with years of experience. Follow our guide to avoid any disappointment arising out of seasonal gapping.



How Do I Keep My Floors Looking New?

Hardwood floors exude a rare combination of elegance and beauty. Itís very important that you give your hardwood flooring that little extra care to make them look as good as new even after years of wear and tear. Hardwood floor maintenance is really very simple, if you know how to do it the right way. Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your floors looking new and bright for years to come.

Some Basic Home Rules



Janka Hardness Rating for Wood Floors

Are you confused about the choice of the wood flooring in your house? Is it difficult for you to understand which wood will be perfect for your home floor? The test of hardness of any variety of wood lies in its Janka rating. The Janka hardness rating is the most popular benchmark that helps you to make a choice of the variety of wood that you are going to use for your floor.

What is Janka Hardness Rating?



Different Wood Floor Species

Are you thinking of giving your floor a makeover? Make sure it matches your taste. Wood has a charming appeal that has made it a favorite for floors from time immemorial. With a wooden floor, you can never go wrong. But you need to know about hardwood floor wood species to decide which will be the most suitable for your home.



Greenhouse Effect on Hardwood Floors

Wood flooring is a favorite among home owners for its beauty, elegance and durability. Wood floors are easy to maintain and can give you the perfect floor for years. So, it is little wonder that wood floors add to your property value and make it a great inclusion for your house. Although, wood floors are easy to maintain, the greenhouse effect on the wood floors can be harmful.



Advantages of Using a Contractor Who is a Member of the National Wood Flooring Association

Your home is where you have invested all your dreams; this is the most beautiful place on the earth for you. The floor gives your dreams a strong foundation. So, it is of utmost importance that your floor should be done up with greatest care and precision. Hardwood flooring is the most fashionable and durable option for your floors. But how do you choose a reliable contractor? Let us help you make your choice.



Job-site Conditions to Consider When Installing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors add beauty and glamour to your house. But the installation process requires much care. Make sure that the following conditions are met in order to make the jobsite ready for the installation of hardwood floors.

Exterior Conditions

The gutters and water spouts have to be properly located to drain out water from the structure. The soil around the work area has to be graded suitably to help the water to drain away from the site.

Interior Conditions

The wet work has to be completed before installing hardwood flooring. Ensure the completion of drywall, plaster, paint and ceramic tile before starting on the work of hardwood flooring...



Wood Floor Certifications Held by California Hardwood Floors

Wood furniture and furnishings make any room look elegant and attractive. However, wood is sourced from trees, and clear cutting forests is not good for the environment. In order to strike a balance between ecological health and the demand for wood, the government has set up certain regulations.

Companies that follow environmentally friendly norms while dealing with hardwood flooring in Orange country are certified by the governing agencies. Different certifications are offered based on different parameters. So, when you buy wood flooring, furniture or furnishing, check for these certifications and buy from a company that adheres to the norms. Read More...


Prefinished Wood Floors Ė
Oil Finish Vs Aluminum Oxide

Finishing treatments for hardwood floors are a great way to help protect them from staining, scratches and discoloration. And there are quite a few ways to do this. Prefinished wood floors come highly recommended though. Here’s a look at two most commonly employed methods to preserve and prefinish hardwood floors. Read More...


Engineered Floors: Glue Down Vs Floating

The many benefits of engineered flooring make it one of the most popular wood flooring options. Engineered floors can be installed byĖ glue down or floating. Which of the two options is a better choice? The choice depends on what you want. Read More...


Solid Vs Engineered Hardwood Floors

Hardwood brings a lot of warmth and classic charm to a space, making way for an elegant and timeless appeal. If you are looking to install hardwood floor in your home or office you can choose between solid and engineered hardwood floors.

For one, solid and engineered hardwoods are both real woods. They are both available in different colors and patterns. So, what’s the difference between the two? Read More...


Maintaining Hardwood Floors is a Walk in the Park

Hardwood is one of the most elegant flooring options. It looks suave and classy. Fortunately, it doesnít take much to maintain hardwood floors. All you need is a bit of patience and some knowledge about how to clean these beautiful floors.

Letís compare hardwood with another very common flooring material Ė carpets. Carpets require thorough vacuuming and steam cleaning for removing deeper stains. Furthermore, the fibers trap pollutants and gradually wear out. In comparison, hardwood does not need such intense deep cleaning procedures. In fact, dirt does not stick to hardwood as much as it sticks to carpets. So, maintaining it is much easier. Believe it or not your carpet is dirtier than your toilette seat. About


Flooring Wars: Why Hardwood Flooring Wins Hands Down Over Carpets

If you are confused between choosing hardwood floors and carpeting your space, you are not alone. Of the various flooring options available, these two are the clear contenders for the top slot. But how do you know which option is better? If you have to make a choice, what will you choose? Well, hardwood flooring wins hands down. You donít have to take our word for it. Here are five reasons why hardwood flooring is a better choice than carpets. Read More...

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